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Staying safe is a priority, and certain places or jobs can be risky without support; the Watch Over Me app is here to help. The user can set the app up so that it sends out alerts to emergency contacts if you do not check-in with the app in time.

Watch Over Me works as a fail-safe for when the user goes out into potentially dangerous situations; if the user fails to let the app know they are fine, then it will send an automated message to an emergency contact listed on the phone. This feature works by first telling the app how long it needs to “look out for you” which is essentially a timer for how long it will give the user to check-in. The app will send the details of your location to the selected contacts so that they may locate you and check-in with you themselves to ensure your safety; it tracks the GPS on the phone throughout the predefined journey time.

The app will contact the emergency contacts in the way the user chooses; it can also send an SMS if the user upgrades to the premium version of the app. Otherwise, the user can use email or a Facebook message to send out a help message to their contacts. This allows the help messages to be sent discretely which can be vital in certain situations where calling someone could put the user in more danger.

Additionally, the user can just shake the phone while the app is active; shaking the phone will also trigger an alert and send messages to the emergency contacts. This will also turn on the mobile phone’s camera to record whatever is happening and will provide the user with evidence in the case of a crime or life-saving information in a medical emergency. Using the shake for camera and alert can be vital in many situations such as in the event of a snake or spider bite, the user can get some footage of what bit them, and also people are alerted to their distress at the same time.

Users in the Chicago area also have some more protection; the app will tell them when they enter a high-crime area and ask them if they would like the app to activate. It’s a handy way of keeping safe without needing to learn about the route of travel first. This feature is only available in Chicago at this time.

Watch Over Me is a great safety app for individuals in a potentially risky location or situation. It’s perfect for a broad range of people due to their hobbies, jobs, or even just for traveling around. All people could benefit from an application such as this one. Watch Over Me is free to download and use however there is a Premium version which the user can buy for more features.

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