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TutuApp APK Download v3.4.1 [Latest] 2020 – Android & iOS

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TutuApp is one of the most well-liked applications at the moment. It is designed for mobile gadgets. Using TuTu, you easily receive paid gaming applications (and not just them) for free. Not a bad opportunity, is it? On this webpage, you’ll find details of Tutu app for Android, iOS, & PC. Read on to be aware of this software.

We should note that the program isn’t listed in official sources, such as App store and Play Store. To install it on your gadget, you should download apk file from reliable source.

Android TutuApp

If you wanna enjoy paid applications right now, without spending your money, then get TuTu App for installation on Android. Also, you will get tutorials about installing TuTuApp for iOS & TuTuApp for PC (laptops).

The program shall work on gadgets with and without rooting, providing identical functions.

TutuApp for ios

TutuApp for Android

Type: APK

Size: 6.4 megabytes

Release: 2.4.11

This software was invented a few years ago, and now scores of people uses it on their devices. There has been only one drawback of this application. It was available only in Chinese. Fortunately, there is an official translation of the interface of this program into English.

TutuApp APK Download

The newest release of TutuApp APK is a subject of popular searching queries in Google. Hence we’ve decided to create the guide on how to get the program’s apk (the newest version). Here are main characteristics of TutuApp APK.


Size (in megabytes)6.4
OSAndroid 4.1, its higher versions


PeculiaritiesDownloading non-free/modded applications for free
Is it premium?Yes


You can enjoy colorful gaming solutions for free with this Chinese software! The APK file is required both for installation on Android & for installation on iPhone (iPads).

Key Features of TuTu App

  • The richest feature of TuTu App is that this software provides free access to non-free applications available on Play Store.
  • The application’s working files take up very little space on your gadget’s flash memory.
  • The program contains an effective device cleanup tool, which works similarly to the cleanup tool supplied separately. This feature helps to clean clogged memory, remove unused applications and much more.
  • The program supports cross-platform file transfer. One can move files from Android gadget to iOS and vice versa, and also, of course, exchange files between Android devices.
  • TuTu VIP release is supplied with additional features to manage contacts & much more.
  • Users do not need to log in their Google or Appstore accounts to download this program. Also, there is no need to log in to receive games or other applications via TuTu.
  • There’s also no need to root your gadget or perform Jailbreak.
  • Downloading different software through TuTu is available without restrictions.

What It Can Do?

  • Write applications over the existing ones, change the settings of your system.
  • Take photos, shoot video clips.
  • It has access to the location (exact and approximate).
  • Call by phone numbers (be careful, it may not be for free), view call log, redirect calls, etc.
  • Read and send messages (SMS and MMS).
  • The program accesses data from your SD card.

Do not be scared, the above list of access rights is typical for programs of this kind. TuTu is nor a hacker’s software, neither a malware, it only provides access to paid applications.

TuTu on Android Gadgets – Steps for Installing

The program has not been listed on the Play Store, as we mentioned above. What does it mean? This means that if you find a similar software there, in any case do not start to download it. This can be fraught with viruses, malware, and other unpleasant challenges. Therefore, you need to get apk from third-party sites, but you also need to be careful, as some portals are involved. Follow the rule: “It’s too good to be true.”

Here’s how:

  • activate the permission to download software from unknown sources on the Android gadget.
  • Download the APK file from reliable source
  • Go to your gadget settings & find the Security tab.
  • Move the slider to the desired direction.
  • Get the APK application file and click on the install button.
  • The process of activation of downloads from unknown sources can vary depending on the type and brand of your Android gadget.

TuTu App – a Beginners’ Guide

Guided by the requirements of our users, we’ve made a simple instruction that would help you understand all the intricacies of this program. You’ll be able to enjoy non-free applications if you perform several quite ordinary steps that are simple and understanable for anyone:

  • A user should get and install the program on your gadget, then open it. Literally instantly he / she will be redirected to the home page.
  • Next he / she will see suggestions regarding the choice of games that are available for downloading.
  • The next stage is entering the system through one’s account, however one can skip this.
  • If a user still wants to register in the system, he / she should click on the corresponding button located in the left corner (top).
  • If he / she registers, the program will open specialized applications.
  • Using user-friendly search engine, one can quickly find the applications that are interesting for they.
  • Did you see what you need? Just click Get.
  • In the interface of the program a user will find hundreds of games and other programs available for non-limited downloading. They are sorted by the rating and the number of downloads.
  • Applications can be updated regularly (similar to Play Store).

Android system is gradually reducing the level of freedom amongst users. But you can go beyond the boundaries and enjoy tons of paid gaming games for free! It helps to find applications of any kind that are designed to perform various functions. Agree, this is an excellent experience!

TutuApp VIP for iOS

Owners or iPhones or another devices from Apple aren’t able to get the program through Appstore. They have to do that through 3rd-party portals. But it’s possible, moreover, they don’t have to do Jailbreak to perform it.

This program is only suitable for iOS 9.1 (and higher) devices. Users should do just a few simple steps. In general, they look like this:

  • Find “tutuapp.vip” using a web browser like Chrome, Safari, TOR, etc.
  • Click “Add to Home Screen”
  • Find Device Management tab on your gadget and choose on one of the profiles
  • The icon will occur on the mobile screen.

TutuApp for PCs & Laptops

Most folks are now actively using smartphones, so maybe you don’t need TuTu for a computer. But if you are interested in this opportunity, we can give good advice. To use this software on your computer, no matter which operational system is installed on it (Windows or MacOS), you need to first find and install the Android emulation solution first. As in the case with PlayStore, the official PC release of the program is not yet developed, so we recommend that you use popular emulators such as Bluestacks, Andy, YouWave.

Installing these emulators is an easy task. Here’s how (in short):

  • Get an emulation software.
  • Install it.
  • Launch APK via the emulation program.

Then one will need to mount the apk file into the emulator, as a result of which one will be able to enjoy Android gaming solutions and other applications on the widescreen.

Distinctive Features of Tutu App APK

The most significant distinguishing feature of this amazing application is that any user can install it on his gadget without the inconvenient rooting procedure. In addition, the program has a good interface, which includes many elements, but each user can easily understand it. Also, the application can help reduce the load on your gadget by clearing the cache and deleting unnecessary files. Also, you can play your best-loved games (for example Pokémon) .

The Bottom Line on Tutu App APK for IOS & Android

Summing up, TuTu is one of the finest programs for opening paid applications in free mode. The key convenience of this program is that it won’t be necessary to root the gadget for its installation. On the Internet, you might find a large quantity of web portals & blogs offering you to download this application. But be careful, many of these sites can distribute viruses and other unwanted programs. It is better to use our website which offers a reliable and clean version of TuTu App.

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