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Firstly, I have to say that I have been using Tut Keyboard android app from Google Play Store for two weeks now. On the first touch, I didn’t find the app very interesting. It was because I am personally not attached to things that are unusually designed, as it is obviously with Tut Keyboard. After a couple of using, I found the app very fulfilling and compelling. Then, I showed the app to some of my friends describing them its features which I am to describe to my audience in this article.

When you enter the app, first thing you see is white textboard where your interactive writings come in, which is on the upper side of the screen, and the numerous features listed on the grey surface that are placed on the down the textboard. You construct your own messages with those features.

They include:

Recent, where you can see whether you would like to use some of the images you used short time ago again; then comes Phrases, where you can find some phrases expressed in a form of an image (as everything in Tut Keyboard App is) and decorated with a certain color or letter shape; next are Places, a feature that contains certain number of places where you are supposed to be in a certain time, represented with appropriate small image; Numbers, which is a feature that is not very developed in my opinion, containing only random digits with no special effects on their appearence, and abbreviations for time, which is great idea to be put there; after that comes Emotions, one of my favorite features, containing emotions that are expressed in an original manner, as shown by Pharaoh Tut himself, the mascot of the App; we also heave People, a feature of few images, like Family and Friends, and Links, feature supposed to represent linking words that are definitely used very frequently in each conversation.

The last and the most special feature is the feature of Tut, which is much greatly developed, and contain all those original emoticons with Tut, in various expressions he makes there. We have to mention some basic instructions for the use of app. As you probably suppose, you have to select the image in order to put it in your text. If you made a mistake and want to erase your image, you should click orange x on the downer left side of the screen, and if you completed your message and want to send it to someone, you may click the green arrow on the far right side of the downer scen.

You can write a text message if you like to by clicking the keyboard icon, or you can add some files from your mobile phone memory by clicking the plus icon in the middle of the downer screen. The good thing is that you can send messages created by this app by many other messaging apps. The purpose of this application is definitely to make typing a message much easier and faster and of course, as the app’s own catchoword says, “sending images rather than words links countries and languages”, so “Tut is global”!

Worth Having App – Download the App

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