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Top 07 Strongest Immortal Superheroes

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Immortality is a common theme in fiction. There are some characters who are just impossible to eliminate/Immortal superheroes. No matter how much you try they just won’t perish.

So today we rank characters who are literally unkillable. Please note that gods’ archangels and some cosmic beings are not included here. As they all got omnipotence physiology.

Okay let’s start the list of top seven Immortal superheroes.

  1. Hidan

He is basically the anime version of Deadpool. Hidan’s main advantage is his inability to die from virtually all causes except for malnutrition. At one point he gets his head sliced clean off and complains of a headache afterward. However, his head still needs to be connected to his body in order to control it.

  1. Ghost rider

Meet the spirit of vengeance. Zarathos was a demon of uncertain classification who possesses several superhuman attributes to a point where his abilities reach up to the powers of archangels. Archangels can harm the ghost rider to a certain extent.

However, the Ghost Rider can instantly regenerate any damage done. Even to the point of regenerating his skull. After it was destroyed to pieces.

  1. Doctor who

The doctor is the alias assumed by a centuries-old alien known as a time lord. A biological function of the time lord race changes the cellular structure and appearance following the recovery of a potentially fatal injury. Meaning doctor who is literally unkillable.

  1. Deadpool

Yes, it’s true his rapid healing factor does make him uncool but what makes him immortal is that he is cursed with immortality.

In the Deadpool issue, 64 Mistress of Death was very interested in Deadpool. But Thanos didn’t like it. all so angrily he cursed Deadpool with immortality. So, he couldn’t be with death. For this reason, Deadpool cannot be killed by any means necessary.

  1. Molecule man

The molecule man is an extremely powerful person. At one time he was described as the most powerful being in the Marvel multiverse.

In the marvel secret wars event Owen Reese’s powers are so overwhelming as he became a pillar for the marvel multiverse existing simultaneously throughout every reality.

As long as the reality exists within the multiverse so does molecule man. Making him by his very nature an unkillable entity.

  1. Manhattan

Dr. Jonathan Osterman was caught on a radioactive particle test transforming him into a god-like being known as dr. Manhattan. being able to walk the surface of the sun he can manipulate all forms of matter and energy at his will.

Creating life or preventing his own death. Never seeming to age. Jon did not get any older both mentally and physically after his accident. He stated that the universe grew older around him.

  1. The Immortal hulkImmortal superheroes

Immortal Hulk is the result of Bruce Banner and the hulk having been through different deaths and rebirths. Unlike the other Hulk incarnations immortal hulk gets such power while merging the powers of the one below all.

The dark aspect of the one above all. He lives for billions of years after the end of the world. What’s more he kills unkillable characters such as franklin Richards, Mr. Immortal, in the angel Metatron.

All these make him the second most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. An unkillable beast.

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