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Top 19 who have wielded the Infinity Gauntlet

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The Infinity Gauntlet is the Golden Glove which attached the six Infinity stones. And today we’re listing all of those who have wielded the Infinity Gauntlet.

1.      The Flash

Yes, he is from the DC Universe. Changing timelines have become his thing now. Anyhow in 1996 is Marvel vs. DC issue Wally West has held the Infinity Gauntlet. But he only held it for a single moment before he was teleported to somewhere else by the dark side.

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2.      Darkside

During the Avengers GLA, crossover Dark Side encountered the Infinity Gauntlet. unfortunately, he was unable to use the Infinity Gauntlet as they won’t work outside its parent universe.

3.      The Hulk

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, they are eight infinity gems which mean two infinity gauntlets exist. The hulk once apprehended these and went on a rampage. fortunately there were still a few stones missing and The Ultimates were able to find a way to defeat the Hulk.

here are some facts about the Origin of the damage. The dc hulk

4.      Deadpool

In 2015’s Deadpool issue 45 Thanos hired Deadpool to steal the reality Cosmic Cube. while Thanos was distracted. Deadpool stole Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet. Deadpool used it to make Marvel’s heroes throw him a roast before erasing the event from memory.

5.      Magus

The evil embodiment of Adam Warlock. By paralyzing eternity Magus was able to trick the Living Tribunal to revive the gauntlet to his hands. Magus seemingly obtained omnipotence. but fortunately Thanos had replaced the reality gem with a fake one denying full control of the gauntlet.

6.      Black widow

In the 2015’s Avengers Assemble cartoon series black widow steals the Infinity stones in order to save the world from Dormammu .and then she struggled to free herself from the stones corrupting influence. Nevertheless, Thanos has been able to collect the stones from the Avengers.

7.      Nebula

Nebula one steals the gauntlet from Thanos to restore her own health. And then tries to conquer the universe on her own. Ultimately Adam warlock managed to trick nebula into using the gauntlet to undo the destruction caused by Thanos.

8.      Adam Warlock

Top 19 who have wielded the Infinity Gauntlet

Adam Warlock is as famous for wielding the Infinity Gauntlet as Thanos himself. This powerhouse was able to survive the erasing snap and was eventually successful in stealing the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos. with the power of omnipotence warlock decided to separate his evil and good sides from himself. Magus and a goddess this were a mistake as it made the Infinity Gauntlet powerless within the hands of Adam warlock.

9.      Lockjaw

Can this list get any weirder? It can get weird. The Infinity Gauntlet was held by an alien dog .and marvel’s issue of lockjaw and the pet Avengers. Lockjaw encounters the mind gem with God-level intelligence lockjaw collects all the infinity gems and gathered a team consisting of pet Avengers. They even defeated Thanos and turn the gems over to a shocked Reed Richards.

10. Green goblin

In the marvel’s issue of what if infinity Dark Reign. The Green goblin finds his way to the ultimate power. He trapped Spider-man in Eternal torment with his dying girlfriend Gwen Stacy. After having everything he’s ever wanted Norman feels miserably after trying snaps on his father. making him erased from existence alongside with his father.

11. Captain America

When the Illuminati discovered alternate earth that was about to crash into their earth. They assembled the Infinity Gauntlet and used it to close the next incursion. Captain America was chosen. Due to his strength of character.

While he was successful in pushing the approaching realities away from each other. He accidentally destroyed the Gauntlet. Causing the death of the approaching earth.

12. Ultron

This super AI outsmarted Thanos when he absorbed the powers of all infinity gems and the Avengers Assemble cartoon series. Technically Ultron never awards the gauntlet in the episode, but he essentially became the gauntlet, nevertheless. An Ultron hasn’t been shown any of the powers later in the show.

13. Spider-man

The Infinity Gauntlet for issue series Thanos vanished half of the universe. And then by a mistake the Doombot separates the gauntlet from Thanos. And Spider-man took advantage of the situation and warn himself. He then undid everything Thanos had done eventually saving the day.

14. Black Panther

He proved that he’s worthy in possession of the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe. Though a technically separate reality the Black Panther Dawn’s the gauntlet to fight Doctor Doom.

He eventually defeats doom going back in time to warn the destruction of the multiverse itself. As it always goes the multiverse was saved by Black Panther.

15. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer wore the mighty Infinity Gauntlet in what if volume 2 issue 49. Where he turned the world into paradise and brought his dear loved Chiluba back from the dead. Yet the omnipotence was too much for even the surfer to handle and the Superhero Squad cartoon series surfer becomes so corrupted with his Infinity Gauntlet as he named himself as the dark surfer

16. Iron Man

Tony Stark was the first human to wield the Infinity Gauntlet in 2012 Avengers issue 12. The villain known as the Hood came in possession of the infinity gems. To stop the destruction iron man was able to take the stolen infinity gems back and wields it on the gauntlet. And with all its power the hood was easily defeated, and everything turned back to normal. To his credit, Tony Stark does the right thing by giving up power supreme.

17. Dr. Doom

Though he’s one of the most prominent villains in the Marvel Universe. Dr. Doom once helped Mr. Fantastic to defeat the interdimensional council of reeds. Walking through the council’s rubble Doom steals two alternate infinity gauntlets.

Even though they were useless there later finding a reality where Infinity stones worked, he created a new universe.

18. Reed Richards

Mr. Fantastic from earth-616 was not so keen on having the gauntlet as he once tried to destroy the infinity gems using the gauntlet. He was unsuccessful. And each member of Illuminati received an infinity stone for safekeeping.

Yet Mr. Fantastic surpasses Thanos from wielding the gauntlet. As there’s a whole multiversal council of reeds. And each reed has his own Infinity Gauntlet. It’s no surprise that he is the most intelligent individual in the Marvel Universe.

19. Nemesis

The very being who split into the infinity gems and the one responsible for Marvel’s 6-1-6 reality. Technically she didn’t have a gauntlet, but she wore it like a crown. It said that she is older than the current universe.

Possessing the universal scale reality-warping, Omnia sense, omnipresence basically every Power that the infinity gems would give to their users on a far greater level. Not even Thanos can match her divine powers.





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