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Top 10 most powerful marvel swords

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Sword is a very powerful weapon in Marvel. So, we are going to be talking about the top 10 most powerful marvel swords.

1.      Dragonfang

Dragonfang is believed to be nearly indestructible and was forged from the tusks of a dragon from another dimension.

Over the years it was primarily owned by the ancient one. Who then passed it along to Dr. Stephen Strange. Who would go on using it for a number of years?

Eventually strange gave it to Valkyrie. Who became the primary owner

Dragonfang powers

  • It could absorb magic greatly enhance user skills with weapons.
  • Come back to them whenever they call it.

2.      Quantum Sword

Quantum sword created by Phyla vell. The sword is made from pure quantum energy. The sword itself is essentially a way for her to focus her powers. Even though she doesn’t technically need to do that. But this way makes it easier for her to control. It also can fire and absorb massive amounts of energy.

3.      Phoenix Blade

  Top 10 most powerful marvel swords

The Phoenix blade contains a portion of the Phoenix force inside it automatically making it very powerful and extremely dangerous. Now even though it doesn’t contain all the phoenix force a small amount of it remains in the blade. So, don’t count it out because we all know how powerful the phoenix force can be. The blade allows its users to produce and shoot massive amounts of energy and can cut through almost anything.

4.      Soul Sword

The soul sword was forged by the character Magik when she was trapped in limbo. What started out as a simple looking blade grew into something much more elaborate after she continued to use it.

  • It can strike down supernatural beings
  • Break counterspells
  • Cast spells
  • Summon magical armor.
  • Sword is a physical manifestation of Magik’s powers. Whoever is wielding the sword is considered the ruler of limbo also known as other place.

5.      Excalibur


Excalibur was made for King Arthur and has been used by multiple heroes throughout the marvel universe.

Who uses Excalibur in a marvel universe?

  • Black knight
  • Iron man
  • Doctor Doom

Abilities of Excalibur

  • It can kill gods, spirits and immortal beings.
  • It can also stop its users from bleeding out no matter how many cuts they may have.  Top 10 most powerful marvel swords

6.      The Muramasa Blade

This blade was created by Wolverine. Muramasa created it specifically for Logan so he could take revenge on the people who killed his wife. It was even forged with a piece of wolverine’s soul. You know it’s not indestructible, but it is very durable. And can cut through a lot of known substances.

This Blade powers.

  • It can take away someone’s healing abilities. When Wolverine fought Sabretooth ball using the sword saber-tooth wasn’t able to access his accelerated healing like he normally would have been.

7.      The Ebony Blade

Fans all over the world soon become very familiar with this sword the blade is used by the character the Black Knight. Which is the character Kit Harington will be playing in the upcoming MCU film Eternals. The blade was first introduced in the black mech number one. And has been used by multiple people who have all taken on the mantle of the black knight. The most famous version being dean Whitman. The blade was forged from a meteorite by the magical Merlin. It contains multiple enchantments one of which makes it basically indestructible. It could absorb and deflect massive amounts of energy cut through mystical barriers or just about anything for that matter.

But this sword also comes with a curse. Whenever it is used to draw blood it will slowly drive whoever is wielding it closer and closer into madness.

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8.      The Twilight Sword

Created by the fire demon Surtur. This sword was created in the heart of an exploding galaxy. But his sword would truly achieve its full potential once it touched the Eternal flame. And once it did that it would cause Ragnarok. The destruction of Asgard.

Now this sword has a lot of other capabilities

  • Able to cut into other dimensions.
  • It’s also destroyed the rainbow bridge
  • Protected its user from massive blasts of energy and took multiple hits from Thor’s own trusty hammer Mjolnir.

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9.      All-Black The Necro sword

Also known as the god slayer. this sword made a very strong first impression when a debut during Thor god of thunder number two in 2013. used by gore the god butcher. This sword gets more powerful every time it kills a god. It literally takes their blood which in turn makes it even stronger. Also, it’s technically the world’s first Symbian. Yet it came from the shadow of no and the divine power of a celestial being


  • Super strength
  • Durability
  • Speed
  • Reflexes
  • Regeneration
  • Dark energy manipulation.
  • It also allows its user to kill gods and celestial beings.
  • It allows them to live a lot longer than normal. Gore was over 3000 years old because he was using it.

10. The Odin sword

Odin’s sword was first introduced in the journey into mystery issue 117. It can channel the Odin force. Which is an insane amount of power and it is able to cut through anything including celestial beings. It’s also insanely big it’s so big that Odin had to go into the destroyer armor so that he could grow to use it. He then took on celestial beings who were invading Asgard. Odin eventually passed it down to his son Thor.


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