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Top 07 Bat suits of batman we have seen so far

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When we are talking about Batman various things comes to our mind. One of those things is his Bat-suit. So today we are going to run down the most powerful bat suits that we’ve seen so far.

  1. Beyond bat suit

The Batman Beyond bat suit has its own wings and limited fight capabilities .as well as weapons such as retractable claws .it also works like a cloaking device allowing Batman to become invisible to the naked eye.

  1. 1 million bat suits

This bat suit has collapsible armor of fireproof cape and camouflage for stealth. Capable of projecting Holograms and flight. This consists of a bat computer built into the suit with ten times the power than the modern version.

  1. Thrasher bat suits

This suit is designed with survival in mind. It’s capable of withstanding polarizing temperatures that can produce enough oxygen for Batman to survive several weeks. And the Thrasher suit can also emit electromagnetic pulses.

  1. FenrirBat suits

Also known as the Justice Buster. This suit is specially designed to take down the Justice League. It knocked out the flash at hyper speed. Dehydrated Aqua man. Defeated every Justice League member with ease.

  1. Insider suits

This suit can mimic the abilities of superhumans. It contains multiple modes inspired by the powers of various Justice League members. It consists of a Speed Force mode, will mode, heat vision mode, camouflage mode and a Veritas lasso mode.

  1. Held that armor

Formed By Superman in the heart of the Sun and forged by Wonder Woman in Olympus the held that armor was built to aid Batman in handling large-scale threats, the help at armor enables Batman to fly, run at super speed emitting massive energy blasts while enhancing his strength and durability.

Bat suits

  1. The final bat suit

Forged in the sixth dimension with a new element called element X. This humongous suit allows Batman to determine a person’s mindset changing and rewriting it. he’s even defeated world forger with a single punch, the very being who created their current universe.

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