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Who is the Strongest Flash?

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 Strongest Flash

When it comes to the flash family speed is what matters the most. But will it still be enough to determine the strongest flash .so today we’ll explore and you can get answers for the following answers too.

  • Is Barry Allen the strongest flash?
  • Who is faster than a flash in Marvel?
  • Who the golden age flash?
  • Is iris west related to Wally West?

Jay Garrick

The golden age flash. While he’s not the fastest. Jay’s experience with the speed force has given him an edge .Nowadays jay often offers a lot of fatherly advice to speedsters who need it.

 Bart Allen

Is Bart Allen related to Barry Allen? The answer is yes. he is the grandson of Barry Allen. Bart can create clones and send them anywhere through time while absorbing their memories. Unlike other speedsters Bart has a photographic memory allowing him to remember each and every detail of anything he sees.

Barry Allen

Mary Ellen is by far the most recognizable flash in the dc comics history. Here are some of his powers

  • Speed force generator.
  • Phasing.
  • making objects explode.
  • Air vortexes.
  • After image-making.
  • invisibility.
  • Time and dimensional travel.
  • Telepathic immunity.

the list goes on and on.


Wally west

The nephew of iris west. He has the same abilities as barry Allen plus infinite storage of energy from the speed force. Cleaning he can survive in space without any hindrance. He once outran the death by running to the edge of the universe using a disability.


Savitar was radically altered in the flash tv-series and yet remains one of the strongest flashes and comic history .the Savitar suits remain faster than any speedster now. As it’s boosted by the philosopher’s stone. This suit is so volatile and strong. It can open breaches while running.

Iris west 2

The daughter of wally west. The reason I read in both barry and wally is cuz her potential is practically limitless. Now this is mainly because she is the living embodiment of the speed force .having the ability not only to run faster than anyone but also to control and manipulate both speed and time .this ability makes her the strongest flash in the flash family.

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