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5 Reasons why you should play sky children of the light

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I will give You five reasons why you should be Playing sky children of the light right Now.

  1. The origins of sky children of the light 

To put the sky children of the light into its rightful the context we need to talk about the Creators of the game. As well as the game They made it before.

This one because it’s Important so for starters the game is Developed by That game company .which is Headquartered in California and are Behind games like Flow, Flower and the  Journey.

Journey Came out in 2012 and received very high Ratings from both the specialized media and gamers. The game could be best Described as a mirage. With incredible Music and environments are given many Players across the world including Myself deep philosophical thoughts about One’s existence. While at the same Time immersing you in its relaxing Atmosphere.

Sky children of the light were designed as it’s a spiritual seeker. And I don’t Know about you but when a game they have Known for quality titles released a new Game I want to try it out. Don’t you being here has really Transformed my understanding of how Games can touch people and change the way they feel about life. And about their Prospects in life and if we’re not doing That then you know at least in some way with our industry that I think we’re not Trying hard enough.

sky children of the light

  1. The Experience of sky children of the light 

Being the spiritual successor To a game like Journey means also having to live up to it if not surpass it and Sky children of the light absolutely Knocks it out of the park while in journey you played in dusty dunes and Sands in the sky.

well you’ll be often in you Guessed it the sky flying among the Clouds and floating ancient lands the game has .you explore worlds at your Own pace and you must restore the Stars To the heavens but underneath this Simple notion lies an amazing Multiplayer experience.

I’ll explain as Sky is a massive multiplayer online game .Through while you’re time playing you Will come across these ghosts .which are Real players traveling the same routes Like you. lighting candles ahead of you .And even helping you to complete Objectives before you even get to Realize that.

sky children of the light

for example that gates Needed two candles lit for it to open. Unlike most other games where Cooperation feels forced. here it’s a Shared experience there are other Players ahead of you many behind you and You’re all going through the same Journey together you’re sharing moments In this gorgeous universe. and I found That the fact that interactions with Other players are very limited in terms Of ways to communicate simply brilliant .

There is no voice chat here or even Regular chat function for that matter so You can type a message to Someone, instead there are gestures. You’ll be learning across the game and Interactions like taking the hand of Another player or sharing the light from The same candle .which will make the Other ghost player become visible and The option to give them a nickname Appears so that you can find each other Later on, this is a way better experience Than seen or heard .and for those Wondering the entire game can be Completed solo from start to finish but Joining hands with other players to Complete the game puzzles definitely Elevates the experience

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  1. The beauty of sky children of the light 

Sky children of The light has you exploring seven Different landscapes each one with its Own personality from worlds with Floating islands among the clouds to Prairies to rainy forests all different From one another but what they do have in common is their gorgeous visuals.

It’s Breathtaking throughout the game the Colors the light effects the animations and how they all complete one another Seamlessly and all look amazing on your Phone or tablet and as a bonus the Bigger your screen the more details you Will get to appreciate this is Hands-down one of the most beautiful Games ever made on mobile and you must give your eyes some candy.

  1. The sound of sky children of the light 

If there was Any list of games that I would highly Recommend using your headphones while Playing sky. would be at the Top of it complementing the gorgeous Visual art style our beautiful musical Scores from the desperate sounds. that Some of the larger creatures that appearing the game make to the cheerful melody Tones .

you and the other spirits you Discover make every melody and sound Feel right at home here and completes The visual and gameplay experience in a Few words sky children of the light have masterpiece of a soundtrack

  1. The effect

The last reason and perhaps the most important is the time sky Children of the light came out on Android. which is April 2020 it was Available on iOS.

Sky children of The light delivers a memorable journey With a blissful multiplayer experience And on behalf of all gamers, I just want To say thank you to that game company For this much-needed getaway and that Sums up five reasons why you should be Playing sky children of the light

Download sky children of the light for android

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