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When Neil Armstrong put his feet on the Moon for the first time, it was a historic moment in the history of mankind. They were the first steps of human presence anywhere outside the Planet Earth. But try to imagine what the situation would have been like if the whole world was looking at Neil Armstrong just about to put his right foot on the surface of Moon and suddenly his foot slips! He falls on the ground and now it would have been the biggest crash of the history of mankind. I’m making up this whole situation just to make you understand the significance of a good landing. It is as important as the whole journey and we have seen peaceful journeys turning into a violent affair due to some silly mistake while landing the flight. Now, if you were sitting on that pilot chair, can you handle the pressure?

It’s the latest iOS app called Planet Lander that has been developed by Marc Bourbonnais. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Here at Planet Lander, you won’t have to worry about the passengers you’re carrying as you won’t be flying a commercial airplane but a Space Lander Module. But of course, when you’re about to land on an alien planet which you know nothing about and you’re alone, you certainly have a reason to worry about your own existence. But Planet Lander doesn’t give you any time to fear for your life. In fact, you’re straight onto your work.

Each level of Planet Lander has 3 objectives: land safely, grab the floating gem and beat the clock. If you’re able to do that, you can proceed to the next round. Now landing safely isn’t only about finding the right spot but also about maintaining a safe speed limit above which your Space Module may crash. Catching the gem is another hard nut to crack and while doing all this, you have to make sure you don’t run out of fuel. So you have to beat the clock as well as the fuel indicator. Breaking any of the laws would automatically disqualify you.

Planet Lander is graphically very rich and the animations are smooth and nice. You’d be landing on 3 different planets with different environments and therefore you have to keep shifting the gears again and again. There’s no straight road where you can put the vehicle in auto-pilot mode. Moreover, you have 5 different modules to pilot. So whenever you feel the game is getting easy on you, break the code.

Planet Lander has 60 levels in total and with an addictive but challenging gameplay, this game is sure to kill hours of your boredom. The app is available for free in the App Store. So go and check it out now!

Pros: rich graphics; smooth animations; 3 different planets; 5 different space modules; 60 levels; free.

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