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PDF pro/ PDF editor is an online tool used to create, edit and convert PDF files online.

Criteria based assessment is a quantitative assessment of the software in terms of maintainability, usability and sustainability thus informing high-level decisions on specified areas for software upgrade and improvement.

After using comprehensively using the software, I can evaluate several aspects of the program with these criteria categories:

If it follows universal design for learning (UDL) principles

PDF PRO allows different means of representation, expression and engagement making it more important towards learning and away from tutors as a conduit of knowledge that used limited teaching modes and delivery.

How about usability?

PDFPRO is user-friendly. Anyone can easily learn. It requires no training and support.

How much does it cost?

The software is a free online tool and only requires free online registration.

Reliability and support.

The tool does not require much support.. The software does not break down easily.

  • Flexibility.

The software is easily used, and it can produce massive documents, it can expand as a result of increased users and access, and it might expand to offer more services in the future.

  • Evaluation and monitoring tools. 

The software does not come with necessary tools required for monitoring how it is used. Tools are not built-in the application.

  • About security and privacy.

The software does not secure confidential information and privacy of its users since one can upload, unlock and edit documents that do not belong to them. Anyone has complete access to the software.

  • Sharing and communication.

Since online collaboration and sharing with reliable audience is important to users. The tool makes it easy to view, comment, share, communicate, socialize and contribute synchronously.

  • User interface

The software is a deal breaker. There is no user interface clattering. The mouse click is one for accessing commands and options.

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Integration with existing tools. Does this tool support or integrate well with the existing tools that you are currently paying for or using? Can you use it to “fill in the gaps” for existing applications? How can all of the tools that you use collaborate with each other and enable you to do more than you could with them independently?

Pros of PDF/pro PDF/EditorEasily understood

  • Comprehensive, appropriate, well structure user documentation
  • Straightforward to build on a supported system
  • Straightforward to install on a support system
  • Easy to learn and use its functions
  • Easy to understand how the project is run and the development of the software managed
  • Works on mobile platform

Cons of PDF/pro PDF/editor

  • The software is not interoperable with other required/related software
  • It is not easy to understand how the project is run and how the development of the software managed?
  • The is no adoption of appropriate license

PDF pro/ PDF editor is a fast platform to quickly create PDF files. It allows quick and fast creation of Adobe-compatible PDF in less than five minutes. The PDF editor works easily and editing PDF documents is easy as editing word documents. The PDF converter enables one to convert files while fully retaining your document’s original formatting!


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