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While Mountain Biker isn’t exactly a new concept it’s still different enough from other similar bike games that have the player racing over courses and doing stunts for more points; the game could be compared to the Trials Series from Ubisoft which is for exclusive for consoles. The latest game of this type is Mountain Biker, which was developed by the small indie developer, Escape Velocity Limited.

Mountain Biker has players travelling around the world as they race on various tracks in all kind of environments; players will race across mountains, trails and compete against Pro Riders. There is also a customization feature so that players can upgrade their bikes to make them more powerful and have the components they need for the bike to make it up that mountain.

The game uses a tap-based control mechanic; the player taps and holds to drive down a hill then releases to jump. There are 18 unique tricks and stunts to learn that each have different swipe controls. The trick system is based around swiping the screen at the right time and in a certain way; failing to land a trick correctly can cause the player to crash, and they may need to restart the level.

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Each level has a primary goal and two extra bonus goals for the player to aim for; these goals are usually score, trick or time based. The goal requirements are pretty strict, and a single error could cause the player to fail the objective.

The controls are pretty good; if they were bad, then the game just would not work. Aside from tapping and swiping the player can also tilt their device to line up the wheels for a perfect landing which gives a small boost; some of the goals in levels are for perfect landings so understanding this is important.

At the start of the game the player only has access to a single bike which is very limited to the basic movement controls. More bikes will be available to unlock throughout the game, to do this the player must buy them using in-game money earned from levels; the money is also used to buy new bike components, tricks and new tracks. Money is earned from races, and it is possible to replay earlier levels to get more money if needed. Nothing is unlocked automatically, and the player will need to win enough money to progress through the game.

The graphic style in Mountain Biker is certainly not realistic, and there are a few small graphical issues. The game has a more comic book or cartoon-like style which does look pretty good for a mobile game. However, there are some points where the bike looks more 2D instead of the 3D it’s supposed to be.

There’s even an option to play online and compete against other players on tracks; there are user created tracks to ride on and an online leaderboard for every trail in the game.

Mountain Biker is a fun biking game with plenty of play time to fully complete it; the game can be downloaded for free on iOS devices.

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