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Less Than 8 is an awesome puzzle game. This is because it is unique, challenging, and a whole lot like Sudoku. It is an iOS puzzle game that players will quickly fall in love with for all the right reasons. What are these right reasons? These right reasons are all to do with lots of fun, excitement, and total game delight. Puzzles were never this fun or interactive before. Less Than 8 is a perfect 10 when it comes to pure puzzle fun undone!

Less Than 8 is very easy to play. You do it with taps to place numbers. You then watch on to see if all the rows will add up to the number 8. If they do, then you win, it is as simple as that. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. It will be a game that you will love practicing to build your skill and speed up to, as well, in addition. It is very easy to learn and master. It definitely, an iOS puzzle game, you will grow to love and appreciate at the very same time.

If you have ever been addicted to 2048 or Sudoku, you will find yourself in the very same way with Less Than 8, because it won’t take very long for you to grow addicted to it too. It is that good of a puzzle game from start to finish. Once you play, you will want to play, over and over again. Simple as that. It is very lively, interactive, and user friendly too. This is something that only adds to its appeal on all fronts.

Less Than 8 is a top of the line iOS puzzle game that will encourage the best gameplay possible. This is because it is a truly fun puzzle game like no other for sure.

Overall Rating For iOS Puzzle Game:

(i) Concept: This game has a one of a kind concept. The concept is different, welcoming, and draws the player in to find out more about it.

(ii) Visuals: The visuals associated with this puzzle game are outstanding. They are realistic, lively, and capture the attention right away.

(iii) User Interface: The user interface is very clean indeed. It permits players to focus on the game right away. Players are able to practice their logic without any real distractions.

(iv) User Experience: User experience can only be defined with one word. What is this word? This word is awesome. There is no better word than this to describe the gaming experience.

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