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5 Characters who can beat goku?

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Goku generally regarded as the powerful anime character of all time. but that doesn’t mean their characters you can’t beat Goku. so let’s get to our top list.


  1. Mister Mxyzptlk

Goku may have unlimited physical strength. But Mister Mxyzptlk is a trickster god that can only be beaten by intelligence and wit. Goku lacks both of these drastically. Misters make he could even erase him from existence if you wanted to.

  1. Alien X

Alien X is a Celestialsapien with omnipotent powers. he can warp reality on a multiversal scale. Able to affect space and time as he wishes. And he can simply destroy create or reboot an entire creation whenever he wants. So we don’t see any hope that Goku can beat alien X?.

who can beat goku

  1. The Hulk

It’s true that Goku can take on the hulk pretty easily. But in the recent issue of immortal Hulk reveals something different. Hulk’s gamma radiation was claiming to be a direct manipulation of the one below all. The dark counterpart of the one above all. With the powers of one below all Hulk was able to kill Galactus, Franklin Richards and the angel Metatron. He can survive in space and was 2 billion years old when he confronted Metatron. So can the most powerful anime character of all time take on a force that directly descends from the creator of the Marvel Universe?

  1. Superman

There are three supermen who are way more powerful than Goku. and that is the Silver Age Superman, Cosmic armor Superman and Superman Prime 1 million. Silver Age Superman once super sneeze an entire solar system away. Superman prime 1 million is basically deponent and the cosmic armor Supes lives on a different platform that is outside the creation of the DC Universe. a single blow from him can shatter the entire multiverse. will Goku even have a chance?


  1. Gurren Lagaangoku

Goku may be a universe buster but we don’t think he can KO a being who is bigger than the observable universe. Anyhow this is just a matter of size .how does Goku suppose to beat a mech so big?. it uses galaxies as weapons. Good luck finding a cockpit in a robot 80 trillion light-years across



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