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Are you trying to learn more information about geography or trying to simply improve what you already know? Are you ready to learn on a whole new level? If so, the GeographiQ app is just what you want. It is so easy to install and once installed, simple to start.


There are an assortment of different levels to play on which allows someone who knows little about geography to start learning at a slow pace. If you are afraid that you will get the answers wrong, the simple multiple answer questions make it easy to learn. You have the opportunity to remove half of the answers which makes it even easier to play. The chance to remove 2 answers will allow you to think easier about what the answer could be or what the answer is.

The ability to choose the country in which you want to learn more about will allow you to choose from countries such as Brazil, England or even your own home country. If you do not know all the flags of the various countries, with this application, you are on your way of learning the various colors of the different flags.

For school age children or even teens, this app will allow them to learn at a pace that makes it fun for them to learn. The game will engage the kids to create a much more fun experience than learning from a book. The game encourages the child to keep learning which takes learning to a whole new level of fun.

If you want to take learning to a whole new level, you can purchase in app items. The items in the app are not that expensive and will show as a digital purchase from the Google app store. Currently the app is available on the Android platform. If you do not have Android 4.0 or higher, the app will not be able to be used.

The GeographiQ app is not going to take up that much space on your device as the app is only 28 mgs. There are updates in the works to make sure that the app is always running its smoothest. The app can be installed on other popular devices other than on just your phone but can also be downloaded onto your tablet.

This app should be downloaded by everyone to at least make sure that everyone stays current on their skills in geography. The ability to learn about more than just flags but also the capitals and cities is what makes this game that much more fun. There is always something new to be learned from the app. The saying holds true to you learn something new every day and why not learn something that should be learned about.

If you like the app, you have the ability to share it with your friends through the use of connecting it to Facebook and Twitter. You can view what others think about the game by the ratings of the app and if you enjoy it, take a look at the videos available through the menu selection of the game.

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