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Fourteen megabytes of high quality app, which will help you to maximise your time potential, and organise your existence.

The Tasker app does everything your brain wishes it could do, in terms of tracking your commitments, your calendar, your projects and your to-do list, with nothing forgotten and no appointment missed. Made by seasoned app developers Vacata AG, who also brought us the Light Track and the Database Pro apps, this personal organiser for the twenty-first century is convenient, simple to master, and it can be easily synced to all of your devices (without even needing to register). It uses a colour coding system, tags, categories and even contexts to enable you to priorities all of your projects and tasks effectively and save you precious time in your schedule.

Whether you are a project manager or a busy mum, this app allows you to group and sort your tasks, and you can either list tasks by themselves, or collate them together under a project title. You can group tasks under any project heading you wish, be it for work or home use. You might want to set up a project called “Christmas” or “Family Birthdays”, and list all the jobs you need to be done to prepare for these events, in the correct date order. Alternatively, you may use Tasker to structure your office-based projects in exactly the same way.

I find it particularly useful to use the colour coding to sort tasks in order of importance, so I can “red alert” anything that I really need to get done. If I need to do a task but it is not so urgent, I just colour it green. That way I know that I will be reminded to do the job, but I can ignore it and postpone it on a really busy day. You can view tasks using a selection of filters, for example all of your shopping tasks, or all of your urgent priority tasks.

The app sets up reminders to let you know when tasks are becoming due, and you get a daily screen, which is very handy if you check it in the morning, so that you do not miss any major tasks or appointments. You can link up tasks you have entered in the app to your photographs, web links, contacts and even maps. Therefore, if you have a meeting in an unfamiliar location, you can link that meeting task to a map of the town you need to visit. On the day of the meeting you can see the task listed, the linked map will be right there for you to view, saving you time. If you need to call ahead, and you have linked the appropriate contact to the task, you can make the call while viewing the map for directions! Tasker can also be easily linked for immediate sharing on your Face book and Twitter accounts.

Excellent for improving both your personal productivity and time management, the Tasker app is available for iOS devices such as IPhone, IPod touch and IPad,

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