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There are many games out there on the iOS system that claim to be part of the maze genre and each tries to do its own take on the idea. Evade Maze is an app was one that I stumbled across and I so far in playing the game have been pleasantly surprised. The concept may appear simple in nature; you have to avoid space obstacles that fly at you in space, but there is really good execution with this application. The application is not the most original, but it really captures the essence of the fun game that people can definitely spend their free time playing.

The app has a fairly simple art style. There is a main character, who you have to maneuver in order to avoid obstacles. The art style is similar to the old arcade games and really captures that arcade feel of other classic games. The information that you need is clearly displayed, you can clearly see the score, what level you are on, and what your high score is, but the only thing that could possibly be useful in the future would be more control over the options. The visuals go along with the futuristic feel of the game and the intergalactic space theme and overall are well done.

As I previously mentioned, the user interface is the only real part of this app that I would like to see more work done. Everything is fine as it is, but I feel like there could be more control for the user. The game runs perfectly fine and works well. It is easy to navigate the available functions and even share your accomplishments on social media. The controls are responsive as one would expect and the application functions well. So far I have had zero crashes and technical glitches with this application and am pleased with the general functionality. There is no real lag and the app seems to be well coded and generally exceeded my expectations.

The animations in this application really fit the type of game that you are playing (there are little explosions and such). Everything felt smooth and flowed together with the animations. The seemingly retro art-style of this game is really complimented by how smooth the animations just seem to flow. Potentially more could be done on the loading screen regarding animations, but generally, the application was aesthetically pleasing from this standpoint.

The sounds are actually one of the best parts of this application. The sound effect really fits this game because it makes you feel like you are playing one of those arcade games and really complimented the art style and the general theme that the app had going for it.

This is a great game for almost anyone, it has that arcade feeling that adults will remember, but also is fun for kids. It can get pretty challenging trying to keep track of all the flying obstacles so it can be fun and addicting. The simplicity really works for this game and makes it an effective and fun application. Very fun application and I would highly recommend it.

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