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Damage(DC Hulk) Origin story explained

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Damage, who’s essentially the DC version of the hulk. So let’s talk about his origin as well as run through his first three issues story arc to get to know the character a little better.

Issue one of damage

Issue one of damage starts off with a man chained up screaming

“I joined the army to become a soldier. I don’t want to be this. Not this”.

He then yells run.

As we see him turn into a monster. Which in turn lets him break free from his restraints. We also see a countdown of one hour start on the bottom right corner which is an important piece we learned later in the issue.

How did the damage got to know about the truth?

On the next page we get a two-page spread of this monster or rather the damage. Breaking free from his restraints on a cargo plane and falling to earth pissed off. Damage then lands in the middle of a city and we see the military plane crashing with soldiers on board and major Leggett reporting to colonel Jonas say damage is off the leash.

We then see damage starting to a rec shop in the city at which point major Leggett who was on the plane armors up and then jumps off the crashing plane and attacks damage against the colonel’s orders.

Major Leggett says stuff to damage while attacking him like.

“You should have followed orders Ethan instead you ran now you get put down. You’ve never had what it takes. I’m the best soldier for the job. They should have chosen me. I should be damage. ‘’

source: https://www.dccomics.com

Damage eventually gets fed up and nearly kills major. But a voice inside damage’s head says

‘’Stop I can help you, but you must stop.’’

So, he does and gets to live. Damage goes off to hide while a voice in his head is telling him.

‘’Leave the people alone. They didn’t do this to us. She did. I wanted to be a hero, but she turned me into you. We are free but Leggett was right. The one-hour countdown has started. We’re already running out of time. Go now hide she will be coming for us”

And it’s at that point we see the clock now says 55 minutes and 29 seconds.

Who is colonel Jonas?

After this we are finally introduced to colonel Jonas, who is the woman responsible for damage and is looking for her monster. We find out she’s essentially an Amanda Waller type.

Who fun fact doesn’t get along with Amanda Waller. She also has a Nick Fury thing going on with her eyepatch.

Why did soldier Ethan Avery volunteer for the damage program?

He was a good soldier, but colonel Jonas asked him why he joined the military and why he wanted to join the experimental program. He replied ‘’superman, but not just him all the heroes and villains. There on the news, every night and all I could do is watch’’. He got tired of the world happening around him and wanted to make a difference and do something that mattered.

He just wanted to make a dent. Jonas replies ‘’you should know there are high risks associated with this program you’re volunteering for’’. So, which he says ‘’ mom never said making a dent would be easy’’.

The colonel then says ‘’Ethan Avery welcome to the damage program’’.

Ethan thought he was volunteering for something noble and thought he was going to help his country and save lives both foreign and domestic. but of course, colonel Jonas being the general ross type turned him into a monstrous living weapon of mass destruction that takes no prisoners on missions.

He became the ultimate weapon. once Ethan transforms he can only stay in the damaged form for an hour at a time. And then it takes him 23 hours before he could transform again. Which is why we see that countdown in all the issues.

What sucks is Ethan can’t remember any of the things he’s done on his missions as they wipe his memory after the fact. Over time we see Ethan’s subconscious begin to talk to damage. And persuade him not to do things much like Bruce Banner does to the hulk. We also see the damaged persona able to talk to Ethan in normal form

Issue 2

We see the suicide squad try to take down the Damage. I say try because they fail miserably. Damage literally overloads parasite and punches a hole through Giganta’s hand when she tries to grab him. Harley was next but wonder woman decided to jump in and save the day .after a long awesome battle with wonder woman and damage

Issue 3

Wonder woman can track damage in her lasso of truth. And it reveals two damage and Ethan all the missions he’s gone on and all the people he has killed. He has a mental breakdown saying what else has she as in colonel Jonas made us do. Realizing he’s just been made into a killing machine for the military he rages out and breaks free. And escapes from wonder woman’s lasso. Which is crazy because right before that she said it was on an unbreakable gift from the gods. After this he goes into hiding.

Later, wonder woman batman and Superman “I fought him for nearly an hour but never has I encountered strength like that” .to which superman says ”never” she doesn’t reply and just continues to say there’s a man inside that monster. To which Batman says ”whoever he is he has a story and he just made the justice league part of it.”

But what caught my attention was Wonder woman implying that damage might be stronger than superman or doomsday. Because she’s fought both before and is still saying she’s never encountered strength like damages before. Either way it looks like we just got a new heavy hitter in the dc universe.

Similarities of hulk and damage

  • They both are a man that turns into a monster.
  • They both have a member of the military hunting them down.
  • Wanting to use them for their own agenda.
  • They both have ripped shorts that somehow stretch as they grow.

Powers of hulk and damage

  • Superhuman strength.
  • Super leaping which the hulk is known for.
  • Durability.
  • Energy resistance.
  • Superhuman Stamina.


But I think there are still enough differences to make damage compelling and to bring something new to the table. The time limit of him only being able to stay damage for an hour at a time is brilliant. It gives a sense of urgency once he’s transformed as he only has a certain amount of time to get stuff done it’s also awesome. How he was immediately integrated into the DC universe with the Suicide squad coming after him as well as Wonder woman. I’m just a big fan of the whole person who just wants to do something good. But being used for something evil story.

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