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When I downloaded and started Chuck the sheep , I immediately thought of Crush the Castle and Angry Birds. The concept of this game, while not particularly original, is still quite enjoyable. Whenever a new whimsical spin is put on a challenging physics game, we tend to want to check it out. I found this game to be refreshing and funny even. The visuals were very interesting to see. To watch the sheep making noises and flying across the sky was entertaining and I enjoyed it very much. Even though the basics of the game reminded me of Crush the Castle or Angry Birds, it was still unique in its own way in terms of the animations, the physics, the sounds, etc. The game can get very addicting, because when you are playing, you want to get the best scores possible. It can get challenging when you are very close to beating a level, and you fail it several times.

That is why I enjoy games such as this one, because it is an excellent time-killer. I can enjoy it for an hour, two hours, or for five minutes at a time when I’m sitting somewhere waiting for a bus or a friend to show up. The directions are simple to understand and master. I believe that even a small child who cannot read would be able to play this game and enjoy it as much as I, an adult, can. As frustrating as it can get, it is still a good app to have on my phone. People often enjoy apps like this for casual gaming during downtime at work or whatnot. I would most certainly recommend Chuck the sheep to anyone who is looking for something fun, yet not too complicated to play.

  • Concept- As unoriginal as the concept is, it is still quite enjoyable. The developers tried to put a fresh spin on an old idea with a catchy title and appealing to people’s love of personified animals.
  • Visuals- I found the visuals to be easy on the eyes, but they could be a little more detailed.
  • User Interface- The user interface was easy enough to read and understand. I didn’t have a hard time figuring out how to play or use the controls.
  • User Experience- As stated above, I believe that the app is interesting, and simple to grasp. I would recommend it to someone of any age, because this type of game is universal.
  • Animations- The animations for the app could be a little more elaborate, however it also is simple enough to be good for the eyes, while still vibrant enough to keep the attention of the player.
  • Sound- I enjoyed the sound effects for this game very much. They are comical and somewhat realistic.
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