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Top 7 characters who can beat Dark Phoenix

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We are going to list the characters who can beat Dark Phoenix. she is undoubtedly the strongest x-men character. However, Dark Phoenix is slightly less powerful than the Phoenix force itself. Thus, jean has her own limitations. But the Phoenix force itself does not .so the question is Who can stop her? So today we’ll explore just that.

1. Sorcerer supreme

Upon becoming sorcerer supreme imbued with magical power, the sorcerer becomes functionally immortal and immune to diseases. Then known Supremes are the Ancient one and Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange successfully defeated the dread Dormammu. So, Doctor Strange has a power level where he should easily be able to defeat the Dark Phoenix.

2. Sky father’s

A being who rules over a pantheon of gods. Often referred to as the strongest God all fathers. beings like Odin, Zeus and Osiris can be regarded as a few. For example, Odin is an AI omnipotent being. He has a sword so big that just taking it out of its sheath could destroy the entire universe. He’s powerful enough to take down Dark Phoenix.

3. Beyonders and monitors

The Beyonders are a near omnipotent alien race from a dimension outside the multiverse. So are the monitors a race who’s in charged with the protection of the multiverse. These beings can manipulate reality on a universal scale. beyond her once created his own universe and became a sun for it and Mandrake the monitor can shatter an entire universe with a single punch.

4. Anyone with the Infinity Gauntlet

Yes, the Infinity Gauntlet is a ranked above the Phoenix force. as it can make its a wielder a knight omnipotent being. so, the famous gauntlet wielder is like Thanos , Adam warlock and Reed Richards can easily defeat Phoenix.

Top 7 characters who can beat Dark Phoenix

5. Dr.Manhattan

He is proved to be immensely powerful and seemingly invulnerable to all harm a clear limit to his powers is never explicitly shown, he knows the past present and the future he is even able to reconstruct his body it completely disintegrated. So Dr.Manhattan Can easily beat Dark Phoenix.

Top 7 characters who can beat Dark Phoenix
6. The Scarlet Witch

Another powerful being in the Marvel Universe. we saw a glimpse of her power in the Avengers endgame. But in the comics, she is unmatched. She can bring the dead back to life. Can de-power all mutants she is responsible for the 99% of mutant populations to lose their powers. Which is enough to describe how strong she is.

7. Nemesis

When six infinity gems reunited with the seventh gem known as ego, they were rendered a celestial being called nemesis. she can do multiversal scale reality warping omniscience, omnipresence basically every power that the infinity gems would give to their users on a far greater level. Dark Phoenix wouldn’t stand a chance against a goddess who could just create a duplicate to the dark.

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