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Top 7 Best Jokers(Prince of Crime)of all time

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Joker is one of the most enduring fictional characters of DC multiverse. he’s called the Clown, Prince of Crime for a reason.so here are the 7 Best jokers of all time.

best jokers of all time

  1. Cameron Monaghan Joker

He’s terrifying maniacal and insane. As both Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska. manag on quickly and undisputedly entered the greatest joker of all-time conversation. this version of Joker has his face cut off and reattached using staples and wart-like a mask just like the new 52 Joker and the comics.

  1. Martha Lane

The flashpoint Joker. This happens when flash altered the timeline. Where Bruce Wayne died while leaving his parents alive. this fueled his father Thomas to fight injustice and become Batman .while his mother Martha cracked psychologically. she sliced a smile into her face and became the Joker. the arch-enemy of her husband. her actions as Joker had caused a further tragedy for Gotham.

  1. The new 52 Joker

This version of Joker committed several psychotic acts targeting not just Batman but the entire of Gotham. His most psychotic act came when he hired a dollmaker to remove his face. Then he returned to Gotham stole the face from the police department and worn as a mask.

  1. Joaquin Phoenix

Joker Phoenix’s interpretation of Joker is more realistic and more traumatizing. Joaquin puts on a stunning performance as Arthur Fleck. Breathing a disturbing life into Joker. He really is the archetype Joker who we know today.

  1. Mark Hamill Joker

Batman the animated series tells tales regarding some of Joker’s best on-screen representations. His sharp cunning hyena-like voice acting makes one of the best Jokers of our time. Hamill’s Joker became a much wider force full of tons of extreme tension and terror. He always splits between his lover and his life as a criminal mastermind.

  1. Heath Ledger

Ledger’s Joker feels truly disturbed. teetering on the brink of all-out insanity. This character is an agent of chaos set out to disrupt social order and induce anarchy. The jail sequence communicates the psychotic nature of Joker most effectively. It is a fitting visual to with great lengths that this Joker will go in order to revolutionize society.

  1. Emperor Joker

In the Emperor Joker story arc Joker steals Mister Mxyzptlk’s fifth-dimensional powers then uses that power to warp reality reincarnating the universe as he pleases. With the Joker possessing such immense power we’re unable to truly see the extent of his psychotic nature.

As he can literally mold the world to whatever he wants. However, the most disturbing thing that Joker does is wipe out the entire country of China by eating all of its citizens. The worst part is he doesn’t purely tell a bad joke. how psychotic is that?

So, there you go who’s your favorite Joker so far?


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