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There are many logic games that are developed to improve the rate at which we process information. 90 different logic games is a spectacular game app designed to offer the best experience of gaming and entertainment at the same time. In this game, players have to pass through different stages each stage encompassing a completely different puzzle from the previous one. This game provides players with 90 different selections making it the most interactive game in android.

If you have interacted with many logic games, the first thing you’d realize with the initial screen of this app is that it’s confusing. The game comes with many display buttons for you to tap. All these games area significance of logic games included in the bundle. The different star buttons symbolize the difficulty levels. Increased starts indicate more difficult puzzles of the game. Moreover, there are 900 stages for every difficulty level.

If you click the first button, you are directed to a visually appalling display sliding over the stage selections and leaves you at the last puzzle you had played. The first 3 stages of the game are simple but also present a nice chance to orientate in the game. The question mark icon located on the upper left part of the screen gives the player important hints and help through the various game levels. Therefore, there is no need to employ a tutor since the help tool is incorporated in the app. The game features no instructions and the player is given the choice of figuring out what the puzzle wants. At the introduction screen, clicking on the crown icon directs you to the leader boards

This amazing application is a collection of logic games that contains about ninety different games. Some of the featured games are not interactive since they keep on repeating the same item in each level. The app will present you with many options and you just need to select new things every time you are playing for you to be challenged. The feature acts as a great motivation since advancing to the next level indicates your prowess on the game.

The endless level feature gives the player an opportunity to play the game with the most interaction possible. It is an exceptional feature that is only found in this game and offers a great way to broaden your thinking capability.


It is freely offered

The game is easy to install, play and understand

The game comes with many playing options.

Has a nice user interface.


Does not have effective graphics

It is additive.

Lacks playing instructions


It is without a doubt that the 90-Different Logic Games app is perfect for people with desire to play logic games. The different levels with difficulty in every stage provides you with a good opportunity for interaction and to grow your mind. All you need to do is visit the play store from android and down the app to your device. Although it might have poor graphics, it is really an interactive game that I’d strongly recommend any game lover to give it a try.

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