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I’m showing off BEST 10 APPS IN FEBRUARY 2020, one wallpaper seven useful apps and board dating games.

Let’s check out the 10 best apps first off the wallpaper for this month.

 Colorful watercolor

All together if you download wall up from the Play Store and search up that name you should be able to find it.

It’s a wall that looks like a watercolor painting and the colors chosen look extremely beautiful on any home screen setup that I use.

If you’re not a fan of the color scheme. wall hub does have a couple of other watercolor wallpapers to choose from just make sure to search for watercolor in the search engine. and they should pop up by the way.

Wallpaper (Colorful watercolor 2) https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…


Beta maniac

 Beta maniac

This is for all of my app lovers out there who are constantly on the lookout to join the beta program of any app that they have installed for those who aren’t aware .

In the Play Store some applications have a beta program that you can join so you can try out the newest features before it gets released to the public.

Beta maniac lets you know which of your apps have a beta program to join and you can quickly join the program within the app itself .

Some apps limit the number of people that can join their beta program once it’s full you can’t participate unless some users leave or the developer expense limit.

Beta maniac allows you to scan the beta programs of all your installed apps periodically and sent to a notification once a limited beta program becomes available .

Beta Maniac https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Gesture plus

gesture plus

Gesture plus to add a few more activities to the navbar, for example, I can single press the bar to open one of my paper apps or have it turn on the flashlight or control a music player or even pull down my notification panel.

You can add a unique action for when you’re in the lock screen or whenever you’re using the phone. they do have a pro version to unlock the long-press action so you can have an extra way to launch something else with your navbar.

It’s a great idea and they implemented it well.

But there is room for improvement like they could have added in a double press action.

or include a few more options to modify a couple more system settings a few months back Google removed

Gestureplus https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…



The Play Store notification which lets you know that you have a up dates and the awesome of the notification that shows you that your apps have installed successfully.

I’m sure some of you found this to be annoying since most apps get updated regularly.

well with App notifier you can easily bring back that app update notification and the notification.

which lets you know when an app is newly installed or updated there will be a short delay.

however between when an app downloads and when the install or update notification appears that’s all this app does but it can be handy too

Appnotifier https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN

Most next we have Cyberghost VPN .The best app since there are so many out there but since this one is the cheapest option on the market .

Cyberghost VPN has really good speeds I decided to include in them the less so beginning with the app itself.

The interface is very straightforward just one tap of a button and you’re connected to a server.

PROS OF Cyberghost VPN

currently it has over 6200 servers in over 90 countries that you can connect to and every time I do connect apps and websites load up quickly.

  • video streaming including Netflix isn’t an issue depending on the type of server you choose .
  • they have over 35 unblocked streaming services they are torrent friendly.
  • and the download and upload speeds are phenomenal on top of that cyberghost has an ad blocker to protect you against malicious websites
  • This prevent online tracking plus they have a strict no locks policy and they’re the first VPN in the industry that published a transparency report.
  • if you thought that this app only works on Android think again because it supports almost every platform you can think of including Windows, Mac ios ,Linux ,Amazon ,fire stick and a lot more plus.

with one plan you can use Cyberghost VPN simultaneously on up to 7 devices.

Cyberghos VPN doesn’t have a subscription-based plan currently they’re running a deal where you only pay two dollars and 75 cents per month for 18 months.

and that alone will give you a 79 percent discount when compared to the original price.

If you don’t like the service they do have a 45 day money back guarantee as well as friendly customer support 24/7 in four different languages via live chat or email they have over 30 million users which is really impressive

Cyberghost VPN https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/offer/s…



If you live in an area where earthquakes occur frequently then I recommend you check out quake alert USA because this is the only app that will warn you when an earthquake is about to hit

and it’s reliable since it’s released by early warning labs which are a company that focuses on earthquake warning distribution cloud servers.

The warning only lasts for a matter of seconds. But it can still give you enough time to take cover underneath a table or run away from any power lines or windows depending on the location depth and magnitude of the earthquake epicenter.

warning times can range anywhere between 10 to 60 seconds even though anyone can download this app.

unfortunately, the early earthquake warning is only available to those within the state of California

but I’m sure they’ll expand to other states soon and the app also shows you a list of the most recent earthquakes that occurred close to your area as well as any earthquakes that occurred around the US

Quakealertusa https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…


Simple tool that allows you to share your phones to internet with your computer or vice versa from your computer to your smartphone through a USB cable.

You basically just download a program onto your computer.  once you connect your phone to your computer you’ll be able to browse the web on your computer using your phone’s mobile data.

You can scroll through Instagram on your phone using the Wi-Fi connection from your computer.

This is perfect if your carrier doesn’t allow you to have an unlimited hotspot or if your phone is having a hard time connected to the Wi-Fi

but your computer is working just fine because it’s connected via an Ethernet cable. it’s pretty amazing but you will need to eventually pay a one-time fee to continue to use every feature the last step.

Tetrd https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Say cheeze

If you’ve ever gone on a trip with a group of friends or your family.then you’ve probably been in a situation where you can’t find anyone to help you take a group picture.

So one of your buddies or relatives have to take one for the team and not be in the photo you could use a timer but you won’t know how the image will turn out and you can take a selfie but it won’t capture the entire scene properly.

Since you’ll all be too close to the camera would say cheese you can easily take group pictures by using two phones.

One of the phones camera remotely control the camera of the others so you can see how the picture looks even before you take it

and you can decide when to snap that photo no more need to set up multiple timers plus you don’t even need to be connected to the internet since both phones can still connect to each other offline

Saycheeze https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Happy Wheels

Out anyways moving on to the games of first twenty it’s happy wheels this probably brings back memories for a lot of you since this game used to be extremely popular back in the day not to be able to download on mobile.

and even though the levels are offline it’s still fun to race on through until you reach the end of the stage without dying

You still have all the classic characters with all the same objects and traps that will try to kill you and of course it’s still very gory.

The controls are very easy to use and the graphics are smooth and look great it has over 60 levels to play through so you can expect a lot of frustration and laughter

Happy Wheels https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

World War Polygon

World War Polygon

World war ii polygons world war ii shooter is an FPS game that allows you to be a soldier within the battles of world war ii.

You can fight within d-day in Normandy or the battle of bulge in Ardennes or in Berlin.

the Maps guns and tanks are also pretty accurate and they have a unique look with the polygon graphics. within this game they not only have you kill the enemy from up close.

They also have you do special tasks like shooting down planes defending your position with motor fire destroying tanks or bunkers with bazookas or grenades.

And even sniping enemies from a long distance it also supports a pvp multiplayer mode and has a zombies mode a lot is going on within this game.

World War Polygon https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Jetpack vs Colors

Jetpack vs Colors
Jetpack vs Colors

Jetpack vs. Colors is an endless jetpack game where you need to fly through countless color obstacles. as you fly through your character will change colors and you won’t be able to touch any colors that don’t match the color of your character

so for example, if your character is green you can only touch blocks that are also green if you run into a red or blue obstacle you immediately lose .it’s a pretty straightforward game .give it a try it’s a great time killer.

Jetpack vs Colors https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Dune Surfer

Last but not least we have dune surfer in this game you need to draw a line for a stickman to glide on.

If you don’t and you touches the ground you immediately lose .you can fly really high in the sky if you draw a deep enough ramp and there will be obstacles that you’ll need to avoid.

So you won’t die it can get pretty challenging. especially since the objects that will try to kill you come out of nowhere at high speeds but it’s kind of fun to draw your path for the character to surf on anyways

Dune Surfer https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…



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